Best Android TV Box 2018 – Top 10 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for (January)

Android TV boxes become very popular in the last few years & huge demand begins to rise for this amazing technology. For that reason, Here on our review website specialized in these devices and how to make a decision on having one. We created best android tv box 2018 list with a summarized table that you can check below.

The winner of our android box reviews 2018 is KUKELE Android Box. We do our reviews based on testing. Not like any other reviewers out there, we take into consideration many factors. From the overall performance, GPU, RAM, CPU, the design, durability. And much more, but most importantly the user experience and the reviews from people who already tested the product for a long time. We do it to help our readers, so to make it easier to make your choice when deciding to have the android box.

As we all know the fact that there is no best tv box for everyone. If we would describe an Android tv box with a simple definition, we say that it’s a small box that runs Android operating system which will help users stream the content on their TV and much more important features as it makes even old LCD and LED TV’s smart. Seems cool right?

Best android tv box 2018 When you first have your hands on the device, for sure these Android boxes don’t come alone as the company creators include a wireless keyboard and a voice search tool option.

The best part of this tv box, you can stream your movies and TV shows with the highest quality available of UHD 4K! The possibility to install all apps especially the well known Netflix, youtube and many other free apps out there, and even play high-quality games with this smart android tv box.

Before you make your decision on having best android box 2018 you have to consider different things. Processors and the GPU are the most important parts of the tv box, the more high quality of those two the smoother it will run and perform.
Let’s not make it any longer as we invite you to look at our summarized android tv boxes table that our specialist reviewers and editors made after taking a long time and research by testing and looking through reviews we made this top 10 list of best android tv box 2018

Android TV Box Name
KUKELE Android Box
Octa-Core S912Android 6.0 Marshmallow Latest Price On Amazon
Tegra X1 64-bit special edition Latest Price On Amazon
Amazon Fire
1.5 GHz Quad-Corespecial edition Latest Price On Amazon
1.8 GHz Quad-CoreWindows 10 Latest Price On Amazon
Rveal Media TV Tuner
Quad-CoreAndroid Latest Price On Amazon
Bomix Model
Octa-Core S912ANDROID Latest Price On Amazon
64-bit quad coreAndroid Latest Price On Amazon
Octa-CoreAndroid 7.1 Latest Price On Amazon

The Voice search is an option that comes along with the android system in the box itself. Which in fact is a technology that helps users to do a search by only speaking, The app will recognize the speech. So instead of typing what are you looking for, you just say it and it will take you to the most accurate search result.

android box operating system 2018Android is an operating system that is created mainly for mobile use, based actually on Linux kernel. This operating system Google created is for touchscreen devices, but Google can’t stop at that and a new android os are created such the Android TV, Android Auto, and much more. The best part of Android is the open source that anyone could change it and develop it. This is why it became very popular and almost all Chinese tech products that accept this system are using it.

Best Android Tv box 2018

Now we would like to get you into our detailed review of each and every android box we listed above. Make sure to read it carefully and choose the right one that suits your needs and of course your budget. Please consider to read our article carefully and not only this, if you are willing to buy another android tv box in 2018 probably we didn’t list yet. We advise our readers to check the people who bought it and see what’s good or bad about it. If you think that there is a better new tv box model that just came up in 2018 please let us know by contacting us ou our Now let us take you through detailed android box reviews 2018.

1. KUKELE Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Best Android Tv Box 2018

KUKELE best Android TV box 2018

In the first place and the top rated best tv box 2018, is The KUKELE Android tv box. Which comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s known by far, one of the great Tv boxes ever made.

We don’t just list products here, a lot of factors are taken into consideration here. So due to the high-quality materials and the features this android tv box has, With 3GB of RAM. And an OCTA CORE processor which will make the android box run very smooth.
When you make your decision to have this tv box, the company will include a wireless keyboard and an instruction manual. The latest Android version has great features for those who are running it on TV, and the ability to work perfectly with large screens.

This best android tv box 2018 allows any app you download to run on your TV, just like you’re using your phone. The setup process is very easy just connect it to the TV using an HDMI cable, and that’s it! Another remarkable feature, which is the auto android update. You don’t have to check every single time if there is a new android tv box version available or not, or if this box is going to support it or not. it’s going to update itself directly without any action from you.

So whenever there is an update on google you won’t have to worry about it as it’s going to be done automatically.

Ram 3GB
Processor Octa-core
Item Weight 1.5 pounds
Dimensions 6 x 5 x 3 inches


  • best tv box in 2018
  • 3GB Ram
  • Affordable 
  • OCTA CORE processor 


  • Needs Good Internet Connection

Why it's the best box?Warranty warning

The reason why we put this android tv box in the first place is because it’s the strongest octa core with 64 BITS CPU and the next GEN streaming media Android tv player. the android box does support all the famous apps that we love such Netflix, HBO, and much more.

When you connect it to internet, TV box works extremely great with high-speed performance. The warranty is not provided on their webpage, which is something we didn’t like as you need to contact the seller to get that information. Also this Android TV box updates directly and automatically from the internet. We call it ALL ON ONE STREAMING DEVICE.

We contacted the seller and they gave us a time warranty, we can’t provide it here as they may add more time or reduce it. All depends on the policy of the company. We suggest you contact the seller to know the exact right information and to actually how the support response if you have any problem regarding the android tv box.


Kuele android box 2018The company’s name is KUKELE Electronics, and it’s a team of people who create the electronic products. Their best one is the android box, it’s a team based on Guangdong which is a city in China. The people running it are software engineers and different other programming fields.

The company created just a few years back; with hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. They provide high-quality Tech related items, and the best thing they do is their great support for their buyer’s. For sure we recommend you get the best Android tv box they are offering.

In the next video the guy from Elite IT Consulting showing a very great tutorial you can follow on how to setup your android tv box 2018 correctly. All rights reserved to the video owner.

2. NVIDIA SHIELD – Best 4k streaming android box tv 2018

NVIDIA Shield android tv box

In the second spot is the amazon’s choice android tv box, for 2018. No one can deny that NVIDIA is the leader when it comes to making the best PC gaming systems on the planet!. This android box is for the ones looking for high power, and storage. The shield tv box has the most demanding feature, High performance by streaming 4k Netflix & amazon prime!

When you make your order and decide to go with this android tv box, The NVIDIA company ships it with including a gaming android controller and a remote box control, Most users of the controller are saying that it fits perfectly in the hands. For sure it has the voice search feature, as most Android boxes in 2018. 

When it comes to price, this TV box is not cheap like the first box we listed. Some would ask why did we put it second. Simply the price is higher than the best TV box 2018 we listed above.

4k support Yes
Company NVIDIA
Item Weight 3.8 pounds
Dimensions 10.3 x 8.6 x 4 inches


  • Made by NVIDIA “Leader in creating gaming systems”
  • 3 times faster
  • Perfect for video games 


  • Some reviews complained about the remote control function

Why Nvidia's Android tv box?Important Notice

Besides the fact of NVIDIA’s popularity in making technology-based devices. This tv box is a true enjoyment when it comes to having a home theater experience. It delivers high-quality 4K & HDR, with the DTSX sound. as many other Android boxes, this one comes with the google assistant which is a voice search option where you can ask any question and the answer will pop up on your TV such as knowing the weather, sports scores, searching for photos, and much more. It works perfectly with the famous apps like youtube, the Netflix and amazon prime members. We totally recommend it even it’s high in price, but you will have a durable high-performance android box tv.

Note that some reviewers are complaining about bugs and the problems depend on different things and it could happen to any other. The ones who complained got it fixed after talking to the NVIDIA support by going back to factory reset and formatting the tv box.

Nvidia Background
When we say Nvidia, it’s like we said best graphics card. it’s an American company based in California state. Specialized in creating innovative graphics cards. When they decided to create the android box, they did a great job and they could make it on our top 10 list. Not actually that but we listed them second. Most likely the graphics cards created by Nvidia are for cryptocurrency mining, we advice our readers to buy the Nvidia tv box because the high features and quality it contains and supports most streaming apps. Nvidia android tv box shield is one of the best boxes ever created

3. Amazon Fire – Best Android streaming Media player for Amazon Prime

Amazon android tv box

In our third place for best android tv box 2018, is a big brand company.

Most of you know Amazon company right? well, they decided to invest too in the field of android tv boxes. Their box tv runs a special edition of Android 5.0, in our test we discovered that this one is the best android tv box in streaming media through their Video platform.

With HD support, We can’t deny that the quality we faced was marvelous. Furthermore, 1080p HD videos. it supports all platforms such Netflix & Hulu.

The best part about this android tv box 2018 is the ability to access 300k of episodes. Furthermore, it comes with an Alexa Voice search, to make it easier to control it using voice commands. No satellite or cable needed to watch your favorite movies.

As even channels are included, one of the things we consider when we do our reviews on these boxes. Us the power ability, and this one has a huge processing power. With 2GB of memory and 8GB of storage, as the ability to add external memory up to 201GB.

Memory 2GB
Storage 8GB
Weight 87.1 grams
Output resolution up to 2160p


  • Created By Amazon
  • High Performance
  • Works better with prime
  • HDR & 4K supported 
  • Ram less than the previous listed

Why Amazon Fire?Negative reviews
Besides the fact that Amazon is the number one online e-commerce website, this tv box is remarkable in both features and price. It comes with a great 4k HDR support with HDMI output. There is also an option where you can get ethernet plug for a better speed as we all know that the wired internet is better than the wireless. The display hits 60 fps with Dolby audio. thousands of channels and great apps are included and the ability to access through more than five hundred thousand movies and episodes if you are a user of Netflix or the amazon prime. The Alexa voice control for this tv box is also included for better control
With any product there should be always negative reviews and feedbacks to actually make the tv box better in the next versions. In our Amazon fire tv, a lot are not comfortable with the ads that are been displayed on the home screen. others also are saying the memory is not enough and they should reconsider adding more options than just giving the 8GB.

Amazon background
Amazon is a company that everyone knows and uses to buy anything we think of. It’s the largest retailer in the world actually not only in the USA. Jeffrey Preston Bezos is the founder and chief executive officer who started his journey to become the richest man on the planet in 1994 when Amazon website only sold books by that time. Their box is a real innovation and likely to be one of the best android tv boxes on the market. Due to the price-friendly and the great features, it does provide to the user. At Androidboxtv website we absolutely recommend it.

4. MINIX NEO – Best Android tv box for the past 2 years!

This particular one has been dominating the market in the past two years. For many reasons, Starting from the price to the high-quality features and the speed testing.  Unfortunately, Big brands starting to compete in the field of Android tv box. Such Amazon & Nvidia, made this beast drop down on our list. As those companies are offering better performance with less cost.

The company invested in creating The Minix Neo Android tv box is called MINIX which is not exactly the name of it, but it’s an operating system based on a kernel. You have a remote controller included with this android box but it doesn’t come with the original package. So you have to get it individually.

This best android tv box 2018 has a 5 core CPU from Intel, and 4GB Ram. The ability to add external storage up to 32 GB with the custom interface, home screen. In fact, it will help you organize your favorite apps such as Netflix and youtube in specific folders.

Keep in min, that some apps are not ready to work perfectly for Big screen TV. Because they are made for cell phones only. In general, The overall performance of this box is truly great, compared to similar products with a close price this one is a beast and it was not just dominating the market for the last two years for nothing.

GPU 4 Core
Internal Storage 32 GB
System  Windows 10


  • Windows platform
  • Powerful GPU
  • Very good RAM size 
  • Not Android base system
  • No Android apps to download
  • No keyboard included

Why MINIX NEO?Comes alone

The MINIX NEO is higher in price than the top listed android box. For sure that’s due to the better CPU and RAM. we added this box to our list of the high-quality materials such as the Intel cherry quad-core processor. With beautiful design and great performance. it’s not noisy like most of the other products and low operating temperature. So now when it comes to a decision to buy or to not do, in our opinion and regarding the great high performance this android box has.  We absolutely recommend it for those looking for higher CPU, RAM. Other than that the only problem is the price which won’t suit all people.

This tv box doesn’t come with either a mouse or a keyboard and you have to buy them separately, which is something we didn’t like about it. In this situation, you have to pay more and that’ will lead to a higher price in something such as a wireless keyboard or a controller should come included.


The word MINIX, in fact, it doesn’t go directly to the company’s name as it’s an open-source system created with higher flexibility and more security. it runs in kernel mode

5. Rveal Media TV Tuner – Best cable Free Android Tv box 2018

RVEAL Media 2018 android tv box

This android tv box delivers free unlimited access to TV channels. You don’t have to pay for cable anymore When you connect the RVEAL best Android tv box 2018 to your TV. You have access to all online entertainment.
Very easy to install, you will just have to plug in the HDMI to your TV port nothing more to worry about!. We just recommend that when streaming avoids downloading any other program, or software at the same time. 

Coming back to features, this device has the latest Android Version. With quad-core processor which is the most considerable factor in our reviews. There is really some bad quality android tv boxes out there with low-quality processors that bug, and actually stop working when streaming high-quality videos. This android box has a great processor so forget about bugs and freezing image.

Company Rveal
System Android
Weight 8 ounces
Dimensions 4.5 x 1 x 4.5 inches


  • Fast performance
  • One time payment
  • Ultra HD support
  • No Auto-update feature

Why this box?No auto update

The RVEAL box turns your TV into an endless entertainment option for you to enjoy all kind of movies and TV shows. Also bringing the life back to your tv without thinking about paying for cable as you will only pay one time. It’s true that this android tv box cost more than 250$ by the time we did our review. But that’s for the high CPU it has for better streaming and faster processing to the apps most people watch. It’s very easy to use and a very responsive American based customer service that is available any time the warranty is great so anything happens to your tv box they fix it or they will provide a new one.

This tv box is using a very specific android version which is edited to suit only this device. There is no auto-update for this one.


RVEAL is a company specialized only to create android tv boxes for their users, even if they are providing really high in price devices. But the overall performance and quality is remarkable. We could not find so much information on when did they start. But the only thing we can advise our users is to read more reviews on the web instead of directly buying it.

6. Bomix Model – Best selling Android tv box 2018 on Amazon

Bomix 2018 model box android

In the number five spot is the BOMIX Best selling android tv box. Which runs Android 6.0 provides great performance and a good 4k streaming.

With the ability to run internal videos as well. This box is not only for streaming and enjoying your best movies. Furthermore, you will have the google play app installed on it. so you can also download and play your favorite smartphone games, and play them on your big screen TV.

We made this best android tv box 2018 on our list due to another feature, it doesn’t freeze and not much waiting time to run videos. As easy to install as the all previous best android tv boxes 2018. With a power efficient, and a controller including using a processor called S905 supporting HDR processing.

We did compare it to similar in price and features to other products, and we made our decision to add it to our 2018 list.

4k support Yes
Processor S905
System Android 6.0
  • High speed processor
  • Great performance
  • HDR & 4K UHD Support
  • Adding addons may be not possible

Why this BOMIX TV box?Freezing problem

The Bomix is a powerful box with Octa-core processor with smooth performance and speed. The operating system is the Android 6.0 which is modified for better user-friendly experience, also Bluetooth is an option to send and receive data in an easy way.HDR technology is supported with the high display.Not to forget that it supports 4K too. One year warranty on all their products. if you are looking for a cheap android tv box in 2018 with great design and does the job and actually works great with almost any android app. The Bomix is your best choice.

A lot of users are complaining about the bugs and freezing problems. The solution to this is to not use many apps and not to fill it with files you don’t actually need. It’s a cheap android box that does simple tasks like watching movies and tv shows. Not to play high-quality games that demand higher CPU and RAM


Bomix is a Chinese based company which is not that big. It provides budget-friendly tv boxes for those looking for a simple Android device that turns their old led TV into a smart one. To bring life back to it and enjoy TV shows and Android apps without spending more money on buying a new one or paying for cable.

7. Skystream – One of best android tv boxes in the last year!


In the 7th place on our best android tv box 2018 reviews list, is The SkyStream. This Android tv box made it into the spot number 7 for different reasons.

with many applications included, and the ability to access google play to download latest games and apps. It helps you to watch the movies and Tv series that you love and enjoy with ease. If we want to talk about the design it sharp and well put together and it’s making a huge amount of sales each day and the inventory the Skystream company is always running out of stock.

Due to it’s easy to install and the fast processor it has. There are a lot of buyer’s we honesty saw their reviews when we did our research are always talking about the bugs and freezing image. Which happens as we already said for different reasons, such as buying an android box with cheap price and instead of only use it for simple tasks. In fact, the buyers make it full of files and exceed the storage which makes the CPU hard for it to process more data in a short time.

So we speak, with this tv box you won’t worry about any freeze due to the great CPU included and high features it has. Also, you won’t worry about paying the cable fees anymore. With all channels available and apps, you won’t even have time to watch them all. Furthermore, the possibility to watch the quality of 4K Ultra HD videos. And even the access to Netflix and HBO, youtube, Amazon Prime, And many other online video platform providers.

Weight 1LB


  • Very good storage
  • 4K UHD Supported 
  • A bit expensive

Why Skystreal Android box?Heat problem
This one work perfectly with all media online providers and ready to work with hundreds of your favorite tv shows and movies with a click of a button. Besides that, it comes from a well-known company which is the SkyStream technologies. It’s easy to set it up, all apps are available to download or already built in it. NBC News, CBS, PBS and much more others. The feature that cheap android boxes don’t provide is streaming the 4K easily at high fps with ULTRA HD option

some are saying it get’s really heated when it’s working and sometimes it stops to prevent CPU damage. The solution to this is to not put it so close to other devices and let it use it’s own cooler the right way. Otherwise, it will freeze and stop and you have to reset it every single time.


Skystream is the provider of very high-quality tv boxes and it’s been around for some years now. We couldn’t find more information about it.

8. EVANPO – Best Channels Android Tv Box  for 2018

EVANPO android tv box

In the post number 8 is an android box that runs with the latest version of 7.1 with octa-core and 32GB of ram and the possibility to store up to 32GB of ROM, one of the things that made it different than the others is the included wireless keyboard as most of the android boxes providers out there are selling these separately.

The great processor it has makes it run for hours with no freeze and maximum enjoyment watching your shows. it displays 4K UHD at 60fps which will provide a better user experience. with a clear audio option. The Bluetooth and the wifi are also available for you to add any additional tools like the controller to play games. or the keyboard this helps to avoid cables while transferring files and things like that.

It can work great with all famous apps with a video decoder that plays any video.

Processor Octa-core
System  ANDROID 7.1


  • High performance processor
  • Great 4K display at 60fps
  • No freezing
  • shipping take a while

Why Evanpo TV box?Bad reviews
The Evanpo box is actually one of the best tv boxes we reviewed last year and it’s still puting it self in very high position competing with great one. It has the latest android version with high CPU and GPU perfomance as it runs very fast with every single app we tested on it.

The shipping is not that fast and the support team of this android box is great, so whenever you have any issues you can just send them the problem and they will respond very quickly. Another reason besides the features it got, it’s really low in price as it’s under $100 by the time we are reviewing it. So if you don’t want to spend that much of money on a box where you don’t use that often. Then the Evaanpo android tv box is best for your needs.

One user sent us a message here saying that he received a tv box from the company, not like the one with features we spoke about. That could be a problem with the company or a mistake if anyone had the same problem. A simple solution would be to contact the support team and tell them they sent the wrong product. They will replace it for sure.


Skystream is the provider of very high-quality tv boxes and it’s been around for some years now. We couldn’t find more information about it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.